Adapting during the coronavirus crisis

The current pandemic has resulted in a change in demand: while the hospitality, tourism/travel industries have seen a decrease in demand, eCommerce and digital services are thriving. Therefore, translators with expertise in these sectors are witnessing a boost in demand for their service. Likewise, those with expertise in the affected sectors are still in demand, though not as high, since many of these businesses are now embracing the digital and eCommerce experience.

Despite there being a reduction in demand for some businesses, this doesn’t mean that their operations have been completely halted because many businesses are transitioning to more information-based content. Therefore, there has been a change in the type of content that these businesses disseminate. Therefore, in this regard, translators are adapting their expertise to translating a different type of content than what they are used to. Translation agencies are using this time to enhance and consolidate their network, especially online, not only to promote their services, thereby improving their chances of finding new clients and more work, but also to keep abreast with new trends in the sector. Likewise, translation agencies are building or strengthening their online presence by promoting their services on social media pages, website, blogs, etc.

In conclusion, it is evident that due to the crisis, a business may be slower than usual.

Source: expertversions