Translation news

I read some news from a website of US Census Bureau that with a wide range of language diversity the translation industry grows up and the growth rate in 2016 took 6.46% last year.T he need for translation is prevalent even for domestic businesses. The voice-based content grows up with the growth of video; many … Lire la suite Translation news

The road to your translation jobs

The best way to gain experience is to start working as an employee in either a translation agency or as an in-house translator for a company in your preferred field. In order to obtain the position, you must have experience. This can come via an internship and/or through volunteering. Working as an in-house translator will … Lire la suite The road to your translation jobs

Some useful tips for translators

Make sure you revise the document(s) and the files before starting a translation. Understand any instructions that come with the job: they show you the way in which the translation must be approached. Ensure that all the files and documents the client needs are the ones you have received. Make sure that you are comfortable … Lire la suite Some useful tips for translators

Translating and interpreting

Interpreters are often referred to as "translators" and people are not always aware of the difference between the two professions. An interpreter works with spoken words in a particular context, conveying a message from one language to another, translation refers to the activity of transferring a written text from one language to another. Interpretation is spoken, translation is written. Interpretation therefore makes use of particular linguistic resources: the original speaker's ideas are transmitted as spoken words, with a particular rhythm and intonation, making use of rhetorical devices and gestures. Interpretation is carried out in real time (simultaneously) or very close to it (consecutively). The interpreter has no time to refer to the written resources available to translators. This makes preparation before each assignment all the more essential for an interpreter. Another constraint is the extreme speed at which the interpreter has to receive, understand, manage, and reconstruct information. In interpretation communication is … Lire la suite Translating and interpreting