What is proofreading?

What is proofreading?.

What is proofreading?

Proofreading is the reading of a proof or an electronic copy of a publication to detect and correct production errors of the text. Proofreaders are expected to be consistently accurate by default because they occupy the last stage of typographic production before publication. A proof is a typeset version of copy or a manuscript page. They often contain … Lire la suite What is proofreading?


In fulfilment of an order proofreading and editing is as important as the translation itself. To error is human, therefore translators may make mistakes, even those of them with years of experience.For this reason, 90% of the finished translations made by the professionals are processed by editors. The remaining 10% relate to urgent translations when proofreading … Lire la suite Proofreading

Legal translation service – what you need to know

When it comes to translating a document, you have two choices: You may go to a self-proclaimed talented freelancer or you may approach a reputable company that follows industry standards. Costs of working with a freelancer may be less, but the risks are proportionally higher. A sad experience of Coors illustrated this, when their ‘Turn … Lire la suite Legal translation service – what you need to know