Translation Technology

Google translate Google's free online Translate service has been a popular tool, but the company has big ambitions. In May, it bought Quest Visual, which makes the clever Word Lens app. That involves pointing your smartphone's camera at signs in the real world for instant translations. Google Glass Visual translation is also moving to wearable devices such as Google Glass. Word Lens launched for Glass last November and involves holding your head still while looking at a sign, then saying: "OK Glass, translate this." Skype Translator Microsoft, for example, has shown off an app, Skype Translator, which provides translations as people speak to one another in different languages. It will launch for Windows 8 devices later this year and has been compared to the Universal Translator gadget in "Star Trek". EBay The online shopping … Lire la suite Translation Technology

What does an interpreter do?

Interpreters convert spoken or sign language statements from one language to another. Interpreting involves listening to, understanding and memorising content in the original 'source' language, then reproducing statements, questions and speeches in a different 'target' language. This is often done in only one direction, normally into the interpreter's native language, but may be on a two-way … Lire la suite What does an interpreter do?