Free CAT Tools

Most common free CAT tools: OmegaT - Easy to use; you don't need to attend expensive webinars to learn to deal with. Downloadable. MateCat - A web based translation program, interface is easy to use. SmartCat - Comfortable for freelancers; you need to sign up to their website. Not such comfortable for book translating. As … Lire la suite Free CAT Tools

Les outils de TAO

Les outils de traduction assistée par ordinateur (TAO) regroupent différents programmes informatiques facilitant le travail des traducteurs. Voici un tableau sur les logiciels TAO les plus utilises: Comparatif-des-logiciels-de-TAO

Translation memories

A translation memory is a linguistic database that continually captures your translations as you work for future use. All previous translations are accumulated within the translation memory (in source and target language pairs called translation units) and reused so that you never have to translate the same sentence twice. The more you build up your … Lire la suite Translation memories